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“Yoga with Louise is simply wonderful! Following the class I felt incredible, so balanced, calm and full of bliss. I love Louise’s approach to teaching; it is the perfect flow of strength and inner connection – guided by her voice which is so calming! I feel very grateful that I have found a class taught with such integrity, small groups where the focus is on attention to detail, movement and postures. I really felt myself progress”…READ MORE

Footsteps Yoga At Kodama, Holgate

Have you been attending large Yoga classes and feeling like you’re not getting as much out of your practice as you’d like? Do you long for a smaller class with lots of individual attention?

Understanding the Footsteps yoga class style…

“Yoga is not just a workout – it’s about working on yourself”
Yoga is a truly trans-formative practice that is about SO much more than becoming more flexible.
At Footsteps you will find my style is gentle, slow, full of pointed instruction to guide you safely through every posture, full of philosophy, quotations, intentions so you leave feeling as if you have just shared something very special and intimate.

Kodama Retreat, Holgate NSW 2250

“My experience in the Footsteps studio was one of peace and tranquillity. Upon arrival, Louise met us and served us an alkaline water, setting the cleansing tone to the class. We set up our yoga mats looking out into the beautiful sun soaked gardens, sat down and Louise began her introduction”…READ MORE

What Footsteps yoga IS about….

  • Building a healthy, aligned, toned body
  • Purifying and strengthening your nervous system
  • Teaching you to concentrate your mind and create laser-like focus
  • Quietening the chatter in your mind
  • Connecting you to deep meaning and purpose
  • Mobilising and stabilising your joints
  • Releasing tension in your muscles and switches on muscles that are not working effectively
  • Free-ing up and systematically accesses all your breathing muscles
  • Smashing through limiting beliefs
  • Creating new mindsets that support well being

“Louise is a natural teacher and maintains a consistent high level of spirit and attention to her teaching. Her calm and soothing nature along with the beautiful location creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment”…READ MORE

What Footsteps yoga isn’t about….

  • Competition
  • Flexibility
  • Tight Lycra
  • Complicated poses
  • Pushing yourself

Get inspired on how yoga can transform your world…
Check out the Footsteps Yoga courses below.

Beginners Yoga Course

Chakra Yoga Course

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