Yoga For Beginners

‘Back to Basics’ – Six Week Yoga Course

at Kodama Retreat with Louise


“I absolutely loved this beginner’s yoga course. I’d been a little apprehensive about starting yoga but immediately fell in love with the beautiful and inspiring environment that is Louise’s class. From the minute I arrived at the tranquil space, lit with the candles and incense, I would feel more relaxed. The class pace is deliberately slow to ensure we all had the correct alignment and breath and I really loved the assists she gave to remind us of how the poses should feel in our bodies”…READ MORE

Natalie Blake, Account Director Hill & Knowlton – past participant of Footsteps Beginner yoga course

Are you looking for a slower paced yoga class to allow you to move mindfully and safely through the postures?

Would you love some individual attention to check that your alignment in poses is correct?

Do you want to gain deeper understanding around your yoga practise so that you can practise yoga with more confidence?

Would you enjoy some more hands on assisting to help guide you deeper into poses or fix your mis-alignments?

If YES . . .then this ‘Back to Basics’ yoga course at Kodama with me, may well be a perfect fit for you.

Learning yoga is a truly transformative practice that peels back the layers, removing obstacles, so you can really connect with what is inside you, to your absolute truth.
At Kodama Retreat, you will find my style is compassionately gentle, slow and full of pointed instruction to guide you safely through every posture. I use incense, scented oils and candles so that when you walk through nature and arrive at the stunning Kodama Retreat studio for class, you will feel an instant change in your energy and spirits as you settle down onto your mat.
During the sessions, you will experience my gentle touch, massages with tiger balm & essential oils, yoga philosophy, inspiring quotations and beautiful intentions, so you leave each class feeling as if you have just shared something special and intimate.

Course overview:
Classes are kept small and intimate, meaning you’re guaranteed individual personal attention to really accelerate your learning.

“If it wasn’t for the this beginner yoga course I would still be practicing with incorrect form and posture. The smaller class size really helps to make sure that every student gets a great level of attention during the classes. In our group we had absolute beginners through to slightly more experienced and everyone learnt something in every class.”…READ MORE

Murray Farquhar, Professional dog trainer – past participant of Footsteps Beginner yoga course

Every class will have a unique theme and will encompass:

  • Asana (yoga postures) – you will learn a vinyasa style sequence that links breath to movement. Each week we will build more and more asana into your sequence to broaden your knowledge.
  • Each session will have a unique focus on breaking down different Asanas groups: 
    • Standing poses – Forward bends – Back bends – Hip openers – Twists – Balances – Inversions 
  • Pranayama – at the end of class when your mind is clear, still and open we will drop you a little deeper inside. You will learn different techniques to extend and control the breath which purifies your nervous system.  
  • Meditation – the pranayama is preparation for your meditation and allows you to achieve a stressless state in the body and brain which then lets you drop beautifully into meditation. You will be gifted a single and simple meditation technique that you will get familiar with over the six weeks and be encouraged to use at home in your own personal practise. 
  • Yoga philosophy – we will explore at a different area of yoga philosophy each week and set an intention for each class around this.

Over the six weeks, the sessions will be progressive in that we will build slowly on what you learnt in the previous week.

Each week in the course there will be tasks set for you to complete, this is to ensure you continue your learning and growth outside of the Back to Basics yoga course.

The course also includes support in between the sessions via an online group which we create to keep everyone motivated and connected throughout the program. 

“I am not new to yoga but what I really like about Louise’s style is that she takes the consideration to make sure you are in each pose correctly. It’s surprising how even minor adjustments can make such a difference. Her gentle manner & patience makes her the perfect teacher for beginners & her skill & technique will benefit everyone from beginners to committed yogi’s. “…READ MORE

Marlene Headington, Drug & Alcohol Counsellor. St Vincent’s Hospital

You will finish this course with:

  •    An understanding of what yoga really is
  •    Knowledge on how to do yoga asanas (postures) correctly, and how these feel in your body when practised correctly
  •    Understanding of how to breathe properly during yoga, to get the most of out of your practice
  •    A simple yoga practice you can easily do at home for the days you can’t get to class – staring a home practise is a big step forward on your spiritual path 
  •    The profound experience of going deeply inward and connecting with your true self  
  •    Easy to remember pranayama techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere to ease stress and ground yourself
  •    Simple meditation techniques that you will be able to practise independently at home to deepen your spiritual growth and allow you to face life from a calmer internal perspective

Details:              Six sessions, each for 1.5 hours: 9.30am-11am Or 7am-8.30am 

Location:           Kodama Retreat Home, Holgate

Tues option:    7am – 8.30am – Six x Tuesdays – May 15, 22, 29, June 5, 12, 19

Fri option:        9.30am – 11am – Six x Fridays – May 11, 18, 25 June 1, 8, 15

Please note:     Students are requested to choose & sign up to either the Tues OR Fri option. If there is a need to swap sessions one week that can be arranged.

Cost:                   $210 per person. $60 deposit to save your space, balance payable by May 4. Deposit is non-refundable however in event of cancellation, can be put towards a future course/retreat at Kodama run by Louise. 

Enquiry:           Email