General yoga:


“Yoga with Louise is simply wonderful! Following the class I felt incredible, so balanced, calm and full of bliss. I love Louise’s approach to teaching; it is the perfect flow of strength and inner connection – guided by her voice which is so calming! I feel very grateful that I have found a class taught with such integrity, small groups where the focus is on attention to detail, movement and postures. I really feel myself progress within the session, thank you Louise! The setting is just stunning! Green everywhere and the sound of birds filling the room. I am already looking forward to the next one”

Carly Grace, Sound Healer

“Louise is a natural teacher and maintains a consistent high level of spirit and attention to her teaching. Her calm and soothing nature along with the beautiful location creates a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. The classes are intimate allowing Louise to pay closer attention to your needs. I would highly recommend Louise Walker and can’t wait to do more classes with her”

Alice Drake, Ebay

“I have been to a few different yoga studios and enjoy it but am a beginner to yoga. I had a lesson with Louise and she was fantastic. Being a beginner, it’s often difficult to keep looking up to see what the teacher is doing and yet concentrate on breathing and technique….normally impossible! Louise took us through each move thoroughly and concentrated on ensuring we had the positioning and breathing correct before moving onto the next move. It really made a difference to the session. She was incredibly patient and professional throughout and I loved every minute. Rather than going through all of the movements quickly (and you’re just desperately trying to keep up at the back of the class!) we really focused on every tiny move/adjustment, making really strong poses and then of course how that related to breathing. Louise is an excellent teacher and I’d highly recommend her, especially if you are new to yoga and wanted to learn how to do it properly and avoid getting into any bad habits!”

Jo Taylor – Sales Manager, Progressive

“I am not new to yoga but what I really like about Louise’s style is that she takes the consideration to make sure you are in each pose correctly. It’s surprising how even minor adjustments can make such a difference & Louise does it so intuitively Her gentle manner & patience makes her the perfect teacher for beginners & her skill & technique will benefit everyone from beginners to committed yogi’s. Louise reminds you what yoga should be about, paying special attention to the breath making the session truly meditative and invigorating.”

Marlene Headington, Drug & Alcohol Counsellor. St Vincent’s Hospital

“My experience in the Footsteps studio was one of peace and tranquillity. Upon arrival, Louise met us and served us an alkaline water, setting the cleansing tone to the class. We set up our yoga mats looking out into the beautiful sun soaked gardens, sat down and Louise began her introduction to the practise.
Louise is a naturally gentle person and her soothing manner during the session added to the relaxed session. We were told to keep a “Buddha Smile” on our faces during the positions. I certainly kept mine on, being an absolute novice I was more than a little wobbly. Louise was attentive to our technique during each position, gently correcting us literally or through instruction. Louise ensured that all levels of technique were challenged but in a safe setting where “letting go of expectation” was our goal.
As a novice, I felt comfortable in the unpretentious space. The small class size was much better than large ones I have previously attended. By the last ‘aum’ I felt like I was on cloud nine. I will certainly be recommending the Footsteps yoga classes to my friends”

Rachael Amesbury, Marketing Manager for Lymphoma Australia

“Louise has a beautifully soft, calming voice as she guides you through the journey of each yoga practice. She genuinely cares that you’re not only carrying out each position in the safest, most beneficial way, but she also cares what you thought of the session and how you feel afterwards. Louise has these amazing hands that will warmly and softly help you adjust your position. It’s almost like a free reiki micro-session every time she touches you (no coincidence as she’s a reiki practitioner too!)
I can say with assurance that you’ll leave her sessions feeling refreshed, inspired and lulled into a more relaxed place. She also teaches meditation and I feel that the savasana at the end of each session benefits from her skills in that area too.
Yes, Louise is my sister, but sisters don’t get on well *all* the time – this is an unbiased review, based solely on my precious experiences of her teaching me yoga”

Dawn Walker

Yoga beginner course review:


“I absolutely loved the Footsteps beginner’s yoga course.
I’d been a little apprehensive about starting yoga but immediately fell in love with the beautiful and inspiring environment that is Louise’s class. From the minute I arrived at the tranquil space, lit with the candles and incense, I would feel more relaxed after my day at work. The class pace is deliberately slow to ensure we all had the correct alignment and breath and I really loved the assists she gave to remind us of how the poses should feel in our bodies. A perfect way to learn the basics, and with only 4 people per class, you get lots of attention. I’m happy to say yoga is now an essential part of my life thanks to Footsteps and I now have the confidence to go into the bigger classes.
Life changing!”

Natalie Blake, Account Director Hill & Knowlton

“If it wasn’t for the footsteps beginner yoga course I would still be practicing with incorrect form and posture.
The small class size really helps to make sure that every student gets a great level of attention during the classes. In our group we had absolute beginners through to slightly more experienced and everyone learnt something in every class.
I would highly recommend the footsteps yoga course!”

Murray Farquhar, Professional dog trainer

Yoga chakra course – testimonials


“The Footsteps yoga chakra course gave me more than I could have hoped for. It’s helped me on my personal journey by opening me up spiritually. It has been a life changer for me and gave me a glimpse into this beautiful non-material world. As a result of these seven weeks that I spent exploring my chakra system, I finally quit my job which has been a long time coming. The chakra yoga course was so helpful on reflecting and giving me the courage to follow my inner voice and intuition. Louise you are amazing, I’ve loved being on this course, having you as my teacher. Thanks for being a part of my journey, I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

Liz Schaffer

“I would describe the course as seven weeks of bliss held in a relaxing environment and space, with a great group and a lovely teacher. It was so much more than I expected . . . a great combination of yoga, meditation and spiritual learnings. I particularly loved the long savasana and meditation at the end of each session – very relaxing! The most important thing I will take away from the Footsteps yoga chakra course is that I’m feeling so much more in tune with my body and aware of my different chakras and their positions. “”

Robert Friggeri

“I loved everything about the Footsteps chakra yoga course . . . especially the journey that I went on over the seven weeks – each week so different to the one before. I really enjoyed the intimate nature of the class with almost one-on-one attention. I learnt so much about chakras, yoga and meditation. My biggest take away was being more in tune with my body and my seven chakras, whilst keeping myself open and further exploring my spiritual journey. It was more than I expected and everything I needed, it is definitely a special journey.”

Laura Beament, Account Director, PR agency

“I loved the way the Footsteps yoga chakra course made me feel after each class. I always left feeling calm, at peace and grounded. It was so helpful in allowing me to learn about myself and how I am affected by my seven chakras. I also really enjoyed the meditations at the end with Louise’s calming voice and touch during the classes. The course is such good value for money, you can’t put a price on something when it makes you feel so good! Having completed the course, I want to continue to be more aware of my chakras and how them being unbalanced can make me feel and react in life.”

Ashleigh Crocker

Testimonials – Meditation


“I had the privilege of being under the tutelage of Louise Walker on my yoga and meditation journey. She utilizes her beautiful teaching methods to clearly explain, demonstrate and guide you on a path of internal reflection, harmonization of one’s inner wants and needs and true values in an ambient peaceful practice space.
I cannot recommend undertaking Louise’s Footsteps courses in Yoga and mediation more highly. If you are ready to challenge yourself, to look inside and to really know yourself from a spiritual perspective. Mediation bought me a better understanding of where I want to take my life and what’s important to me now. I have never known great clarity and for that I am in debt to Louise. Those around you will benefit from your daily practice as well as they are more than likely going to notice the change in your energy. So get to it, give yourself the time to know yourself and be the best version of yourself. ”

Zaver Sima

Testimonials – Meditation Beginner’s course


“I recently completed Louise’s introduction to meditation course and found it to be an amazing experience which has actually been quite life-changing. Everything from Louise’s calm and confident technique, the topics covered, the follow up stimulus and homework through to the beautifully serene space the classes are held in were perfect and highly conducive to getting the most out of the course.
I was completely new to meditation but after just 5 short weeks experienced some pretty major changes including increased energy levels, better concentration, ability to stay calm and less anxious during stressful situations and amazingly completely resolve some difficult relationships I was having with people at work.
I got everything I wanted and more out of the course and now have all of the tools to continue meditating in my own, with the ongoing support of Louise if needed. I would highly recommend the course and Louise, she is an inspiration!”

Cheryl Gill – Recruitment consultant

“After completing the Footsteps Beginner’s meditation course, I now feel that I have a sure fire way to calm and relax myself in any given situation, as well as the mental escape when meditating. I loved the handout sheets each week and used them in personal practice at home. I really enjoyed the silence on arrival and calming herbal tea as it gave an opportunity to get myself mentally self prepared for the session. In addition, the sharings with everyone in the room really helped as a beginner as you shared little tips for things you need help on, and it also made made me feel more comfortable with people in the group.”

Madeline Johnson, Business Development Manager at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“I first came through the door feeling down on myself, negative about many things and five weeks after completing the Footsteps meditation course, I’m definitely a happier soul and much more content.”

Nikki Turnbull, Bauer Media

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Footsteps meditation course and feel it is has changed my life for the better. I now feel calmer and able to deal with stressful periods in a better way. I signed up to Louise’s group meditation sessions after they were recommended to me by a friend of a friend, who had previously attended. My main goal was to be able to switch off my mind from my busy job in sales and try and help my insomnia in a natural way.
The course exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed the sessions – looking forward to them each week. I loved the surroundings at the Footsteps space, which are beautiful, warm and comfortable. Louise as a teacher was very caring and kind with a soothing voice and temperament. I also found the small group size was perfect for doing the course together. Practising meditation every morning for homework led me to become more relaxed and changed my perspective on what stresses I hold onto in life.
As a result, I have subsequently resigned from my job and am taking a couple of months out to relax and travel and I will definitely keep up the meditation as I’m certainly feeling the benefits.”

Kat Ingram, Media professional

“After completing the Footsteps Meditation course with the generous and compassionate Louise, you will learn all the necessary knowledge and techniques to change your life. You will live with a greater sense of peace, trust and compassion. An amazing course that will help you to grow into a better person. Thank you!”

Remo Lanci, Naturopath, Dr Earth

“The most important thing I’ve taken away from the Footsteps meditation course are the holistic benefits meditation has on my whole life! I loved the concept Louise instilled in us that meditation isn’t a chore or something I should or have to fit into my day, that instead it is a blessing and nourishment to my body and soul. Changing this focus has meant I haven’t missed a day of meditation since doing the course, as it is something I cherish, rather than aspire to do. I really enjoyed Louise’s facilitation style and her non-judgemental love of everyone there. I loved the gorgeous room and Footsteps location and the range of different meditation practises to enhance my meditation tool bag kit.
I have been recommending the course to everyone not just because of the value for money but also because of the benefits I have found from it in my own life. I have been meditating for well over a year, but the course helped solidify why I do it and also provided some novel ideas and options to keep my practise fresh.”

Yvette Martin, Principal, Gallup

“The Footsteps Meditation Course really helped me to understand the principles of meditation and get me in the right headspace to want to practice at home. It takes some practice and patience but it only gets better.
I finally feel the benefits of meditation. I’m sure It’s different for each person but I certainly felt the mental and physical benefits. Thanks Louise for teaching me a valuable skill which I can use for the rest of my life.”

​Donna McCarthy – Manager Health Related Business

Footsteps Meditation Level Two reviews:


“The Footsteps Level 2 Footsteps Meditation course is a delicious smorgasbord of meditation techniques and tools. I enjoyed all the sessions, my favourite being the mindful meditation with the best tasting raisin I have ever experienced! I love the Footsteps space and Louise’s voice as she gently guides us through”

Richard Butlin

“After an amazing experience at the Footsteps Pathway to Inspiration retreat I decided to try Louise’s meditation course, Level Two. Over 5 weeks I gained so many valuable insights into different meditation techniques, things I thought I knew but I didn’t. The course is so well structured with written guides on what to expect in advance followed by practical tips and guides on how to follow through week to week and also after the course is completed. Louise’s conviction is clear, to create a beautiful loving space for everyone who shows up. It’s been one week since I completed the course and I wish I was back for more!”

Maria Lambi <3

“It’s now a little over a month since the end of the Footsteps Level two meditation course I undertook with Louise. I’ve just returned from 30 minutes spent in a blissful meditation by the beach this morning. I really had no experience with mediation before I met Louise. Now however some of the technique that she taught me are apart of my everyday life. Whether it’s a committed meditation exercise like this morning, employing breathing techniques during a sparring session or simply being much more mindful in life and activity. Meditation is like any other skill, there’s a technique (several actually) to learn those is to unlock a potential and that is what Louise gave to me.”

Lee Merchant

Testimonials – Coaching


”The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself as a result of the Footsteps coaching program is my mindset in general. I am calmer, softer and more at ease. I’m enjoying life and not taking it so seriously. I am very conscious of my thoughts and because of this I am now able to change them. I have let go of the need to control and have certainty. I am so much more relaxed and have found great joy in going with the flow of life and having faith that my journey is taking me exactly where I need to go.
The Footsteps coaching program has allowed me to get back in touch with my authentic self. It has allowed me to be kinder and gentler to myself. I now have the tools to envision and create a future filled with anything I desire.
What I have learnt about myself during the coaching program, is that I am the author of my reality. I choose how I feel and what I do. Everything is a choice. This has been a very liberating realisation.
As a coach, Louise is very intuitive and a fantastic listener. I felt nurtured and encouraged the entire program. Louise shows up to each session 150% committed. The part I enjoyed the most in the program, was learning to tune in to my heart during meditation. This is something which I now practice everyday and it truly has all of my answers. This a tool I will use for life. It really grounds me and separates all the thoughts in my head with simply looking into my heart for the clarity I need on any issue.
I found the support in between the sessions to be excellent. Louise follows up and sets tasks each week. We were connected during the entire coaching program. Sending you massive THANKS Louise, it has been such a pleasure to have you by my side, coaching, nurturing and encouraging my journey. I’m so pleased our paths crossed, meeting you allowed me to step forward with courage into the life I am destined for and I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to you.”

Brooke Duncan

”After completing a Footsteps coaching program, the biggest change I noticed in myself was to finally understand that it is possible for me to be happy by myself and in my own company. I also realised that it is possible to love everyone unconditionally.
The Footsteps coaching program has allowed me to feel so much more confident and to trust in myself more. I respect and love myself more. I am good to my body and gentle with my thoughts and am kind to myself every day.
During the Footsteps coaching program I learnt that I wasn’t taking responsibility for what was happening to me and I was blaming others for it especially my family and childhood. I realised that I have a choice to grow some balls and take responsibility for my life and create the life that I would like to live ASAP.
It’s been an absolute pleasure to be coached by Louise. She is super intuitive and very good at explaining things and the processes which are taking place during the program. She is a great coach with a very professional approach to her client. I felt like she was a very strong support for me during the program. She was also very challenging to make sure that I got the most out of the program. She encouraged way for me to answer all the questions and learn from the experience all the time.
She is also very talented in a spiritual way. We have done a lot of sessions online using ZOOM and at first I was being sceptical but soon I have noticed that her energy is very powerful and that her voice is absolutely hypnotic when it comes to the guided meditation and even helping me to dig deeply into my heart for answers.
I also learned from her to really trust the universe and that it will take me to the right place when it’s time and when it is the best.
During the coaching program, I felt results very quickly and that make me want to work on myself even more. I feel like I found myself again in life and I know myself more and that I really deserve the best in life. I enjoyed working with Louise and her calm nature, I felt supported all the way.
I also think that the fact that I went to the Footsteps ‘Pathways to Inspiration’ retreat (at a similar time when the program was heading to an end) really emphasized my experience and the results.
I was worrying that at the end of the program I won’t be ready to continue on my journey and that I will need additional support but the truth is that the experience and changes are so powerful that it keeps growing within me more and more rather then less.
I would recommend her to anyone.”

Kasia Brzezicka

“I really can’t say enough great things about my experience of Louise of Footsteps as a life coach. Even though we were halfway across the world from each other, it was like we were in the same room. She is an incredibly intuitive, warm, perceptive, wise beyond her years coach and she gave me the strength to make the decisions in my life that I needed to make.
She helped me with my spiritual awakening and growth. There were so many areas of my life that Louise helped me with and each time we spoke we addressed a new unique challenge and I left the sessions feeling energised and ready to implement what we had discussed. I would recommend Louise to anyone who is looking for a really brilliant life coach, someone who can help them take their life wherever they want it to go.””

Susan Shoer, USA

“Louise is truly gifted as a personal development coach and can think of no better person to connect with if you are looking to start a journey of self discovery, self improvement and awakening to your higher purpose. A breakthrough strategy-session with Louise allowed me to identify and breakthrough self-limiting behaviours and beliefs. Louise immediately put me at ease and created a warm and nurturing atmosphere for self-reflection. I trusted Louise implicitly to guide me through my coaching journey and her professionalism, integrity, warmth and gentle guidance is very special to experience. Louise brings maturity and insight well beyond her years and I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Joanne Tweedie, Digital Marketing Manager

“Louise Walker is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenged me to realise my full potential in all areas of life. Louise worked with me to set career & personal goals that were at the cutting edge of my fears and has helped me enormously to have the courage to achieve my career & personal goals. Louise has supported me and inspired self-belief within, to help me actually achieve these.
When I first came to Louise I was finding it hard to believe in myself and was playing out old habitual destructive patterns that were affecting my day to day life – both work and personal. Louise helped me challenge these beliefs and habits step by step.
Louise is trustworthy and makes you feel like you are with a friend within minutes. She instantly helped me find qualities in my life that I wasn’t seeing and empowered me to solve problems. My confidence and my anxiety has calmed immensely since seeing Louise and big changes have happened which a lot of this I put down to my coaching work with Louise. I would highly recommend her.”

Nicola Halpin, Account Director, Komli Media

“Working with Louise as my coach has enabled the person inside me to visualize quite literally where I would like to be, in the not too distant future. Hope, dreams and aspirations have never really been tangible until I was able to tap into this visualization ability. I have achieved this through Louise coaching me to explore my behaviours and reactions to particular situations rather than being accepting of them as unchangeable.
Coaching with Louise has allowed me to become more present, that is being more cognisant of the ‘here and now’ and understanding how, with gentle guidance I can be more comfortable with my internal make-up. Louise also gifted me with a very important anchoring technique which has already served me many times in the recent months.
Louise has an incredibly balanced approach. Her demeanour can put anyone at ease within an instant, but she also is able to gently articulate the importance of commitment to the process, which I think is critical to success.
Louise’s gentle reminders and ability to consistently maintain focus on the developmental areas of her clients is reassuring and indicative of her dedication to the service she is providing.”

Emma Smith, Human Resources Consultant, URBIS

Retreats reviews:


“I have attended two of Louise’s footsteps weekend retreats and a weekly meditation course. I can honestly say Louise and her excellent team have a way of Instantly making the stresses of the real world melt away. Her calming visualization and meditations felt really individual and i witnesses many people having real breakthroughs over the course of her retreats due to the caring and loving environment fostered by Louise.. I have also attended her yoga classes and highly recommend Louise as genuine and talented all round healer and guide. Will definitely return to her next event.”

Chris Kyle

“One of the BEST retreats I’ve ever been on!
From the moment I arrived til when I left I felt deeply calm. Louise took us through incredible meditations, I had a hugely transformative coaching sessions and yoga.
Loved the food, atmosphere, connections and creating a clear vision for this year and beyond!
Thank you Louise I’ll definitely be back for another session and would recommend Louise, the team and this retreat to ANYONE”

Kim McPherson

“Such an amazing healing space was created at ‘the Awakening into 2017’ retreat at Kodama which I would describe as ‘Healing Hideaway nestled in the trees’. I feel totally different to how I felt when I arrived. I feel like I have been nurtured, supported and guided. Louise thought of everything possible from the food to the enlivening yoga. Actually there are no words to describe the food it was so good! I am taking away from this weekend the importance of Morning rituals and meditation plus feeling ‘Acceptance of what is’. What I really loved about this weekend retreat at Kodama was Louise’s tranquillity as she led us in the right direction as the weekend progressed. Louise’s guidance is a gift you cannot live without.”

Lark Allen

“Kodama is a peaceful, relaxing, beautiful retreat. The accommodation is beautiful and the food gorgeous. I got much more out of the ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat weekend than I expected. My golden nugget was to ‘Be Present’.” What I also took away with me is that there is so much love and support in the world. Also that Learning is FUN, and I can do and achieve ANYTHING I want.”

Jackie Butler

“Being at Kodama felt like being in your friend’s home – your very special generous friends! The ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat was a very safe place to check in and continue healing. I loved the gorgeous facilitators of the retreat, the amazing location and the stunning food. Also the powerful vibration of the sound healing and the workshop to create vision boards and understand the power of manifestation were my most memorable moments. The most important things I will take away from this retreat experience is the power of open hearts and a trusting safe environment, as well as the importance of morning ritual and infiltrating joy and laughter in my life.”

Jules Grant

“Kodama is set in idyllic bushland and the retreat I experienced here was spiritually uplifting. The ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat was an amazing experience, in a great location, run by amazing facilitators. I arrived at the retreat feeling emotional and unwell and left feeling calm and relaxed. I am now aware of the importance of holding onto my vision and looking inside myself, as well as the true value of yoga.”

Jackie Holman

“Kodama retreat is a heavenly, tranquil space, tucked away in a patch of paradise, where you are welcomed and nurtured. My double room ‘The View’ was amazing, just what a person needs, and watching the night sky after a day of meditation is amazing with the blinds open. I needed to find myself and this retreat has helped me find the journey and the pathway. After this retreat experience I will change a lot of routines and my train of thought – no more avoidance! I am taking ‘calm’ with me and I feel I know more about me and now have clarity.”


“Facilitating a sound healing at Kodama retreat was an absolute joy. The guests walked away from the weekend open hearted and ready to fly. As a workshop participant myself, the learnings I took away from the ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat was to trust and be confident in my decisions and guidance and also to let go of making things hard. The retreat was amazing all round, I would highly recommend a visit to Kodama.”

Hayley Milano

Living from Love Retreat testimonials:


“Kodama retreat is a peaceful, tranquil, magical place to relax, learn, discover and heal. I stayed in ‘The Hideaway’ which was a luxury studio that was beautifully set up with an amazing bathroom. The most important things I will take away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat are to open up and live more from LOVE, and to be my own cheerleader. I’m also taking away with me the gem HOW important it is to live from ‘self love’ rather than focusing on ‘being loved’.
I loved the variety of the weekend schedule and all of the content and the food was so great – beautiful textures, flavours and really nourishing and clean. Overall a great getaway weekend to relax, revive, learn, connect and meet new people.”

Chrissy Davies

“One of the most important things I will take away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat is falling madly in love with myself. I loved the yoga and meditation classes and the sound healing session. I really enjoyed all the coaching workshops which contained excellent content delivered perfectly. The retreat format allowed for open sharing, humility, love and new friendships. Kodama retreat is a sacred, unspoilt beautiful space that has been created for personal transformation. The energy here made the weekend super special”

Daniella Mancuso

“My weekend retreat at Kodama for Living from Love was a restorative and nurturing experience. I received warmth, professionalism, love and compassion over the weekend from the facilitators and other guests. Kodama is a haven for healing, enlightenment, wellbeing, love, warmth and safety . . A ‘home away from home’.
Three things I loved were our guide for the weekend Louise, with her warmth, honesty, giftedness, insight and commitment. I LOVED the nature and sound of silence – experienced from the hammock!
What I learnt over the weekend is that “I am Love(d)” that Like minded people CAN move mountains and also that taking time out is an important part of the healing and ascension process.
My aim for coming on this retreat was to 1) gain recuperation and 2) to feel relaxation and 3) to feel clarity and hope moving forward on my path. Tick Tick Tick! All achieved J”

Michelle Pietroboni

“I took away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat, some incredible but also practical and simple tools, to apply to my life, as well as knowledge about how to open my heart and live from Love. Kodama retreat house is a safe and spiritual haven, beautiful, peaceful and very, very special. I stayed in Cosy Chic downstairs bedroom and it was comfortable, quiet, warm and cosy.
Louise’s amazing energy and knowledge guided us through the weekend’s workshops and classes. I particularly loved the fire pit ceremony as it was a perfect night and a great way to start the release and connect the group. All the food over the weekend was delicious and clearly made with love by our expert Chef Tristan. The team at Kodama left no stone unturned, and thought of everything.”

Louise Denton

“Thanks Louise the weekend with you at Kodama, literally changed my outlook on Life! The retreat exceeded my expectations in all areas and I have some golden nuggets to take away. . .every person should experience a retreat at Kodama.
After attending the “Living from Love’ retreat, I now know that I am LOVEABLE, that I am not alone in this, everyone struggles with self love. .
Kodama is a beautiful new and funky house, set on top of a huge valley with amazing atmosphere. I LOVED my en-suite room “The Unicorn Room”.
I loved Louise our teacher who was amazing, leading us through the coaching workshops and the singing and dancing with Hayley!
The morning meditations with Louise were my most memorable moment on the retreat and I also had a huge breakthrough on ‘Self Love’ in one of the workshops, which has stayed with me.
Be brave and come alone . . as the strangers you meet on retreat are so often the most unexpected delight!”

Sarah Kooyman

“The ‘Living from Love’ retreat was a truly special and life changing experience. I learnt that I can BE Love and BE LOVED, and how living from Love will attract a life of Love. I understand that I deserve Love just the way I am. I also believe now that I am on the right path, and my journey continues now stronger than before. The weekend was a constant stream of memorable moments, and I especially loved the sound healing and the closing ceremony. Kodama itself is a beautiful, spiritual, sacred space. It is the perfect place to facilitate true connection, love and transformation.”

Britta Hansen

“Green, lush, peaceful and calming . . .what a gift Kodama Retreat is! I felt so connected to life, people and The Universe after spending time at Kodama and all the wonderful people there and their open hearts. After the “Living from Love” retreat I am now clear on how important it is to do ‘self work’. I’ve realised that being open in my heart not thinking in my head will create ultimate happiness. I also now know that there is more Love in myself and others, when nurtured in the right environment.
Louise’s workshops and yoga/meditation classes were truly special. I had a really special moment where I had a ‘red’ heart opening release during meditation. I loved witnessing my personal growth over the weekend and then continuing onwards with that growth from here.
Honestly, I hadn’t been on retreat or to Kodama before however there was nothing I didn’t Love or nothing I expected to receive and didn’t. Overall the weekend was a great investment in ME, and you can’t put a price on that!”

Ruth McDonald

“I would describe the ‘Living from Love’ retreat as a weekend full of love and guidance. The retreat was amazing, with perfect content and was really well organised. I really loved Louise’s giving and intuitive guidance and workshops. I will take away how to Love myself and view myself as others do. I also reconnected with music over the weekend, which was a real gift – the singing workshop brought so much joy!
Kodama retreat is a beautiful, healing, peaceful, warm and welcoming space.
I was in the Queen room in The Hideaway, which was super comfortable, warm and peaceful. The food was also beautiful, tasty and organic.
I needed to know how to connect with my heart and Love myself, and I have been given the tools to do that this weekend.”

Rachelle Trotman

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