About Kodama Retreat House

Venue For All Footsteps Retreats,  Australia

Kodama meaning – The spirit of the trees’

The trees surrounding us at Kodama Retreat remind us we are all one living thing connected together by the universal glue of love.

About The Venue ‘Kodama Retreat’:

Kodama (meaning Spirit of the Trees) is perched high up on a mountain and set on six lush acres. The space was designed by an architect with the intent to create the feel of living in a treehouse.




Floor to ceiling windows make you feel like you are literally floating above the trees and the wooden floors and ceiling add to this luxurious treehouse feel.



Downstairs is a beautiful yoga and meditation room with amazing scents, sights and sounds of nature. The entire house is exquisitely decorated and furnished, including luxurious comfy beds with soft linen to ensure you have a sound night’s sleep.




The venue is a hidden retreat, entered only via security gates, that offers ultimate escape and total serenity and seclusion. Kodama is set over two floors with a huge deck, balconies & daybeds. You will be able to drink in the sights and sounds of nature as you relax in luxury and in total privacy. Superb vistas of the treetops and the sights and sounds of nature will literally take your breath away.

The grounds are rich with Australian native wildlife including kookaburras, lorikeets, cockatoos, wallabies, owls, bandicoots, echidnas and many more.


The misty morning sunrises are worth getting up for each day (see above) and when the sun sets you can sink into the evening with the sound of the cicadas around you 360 degrees as the sky paints you another unique and perfect watercolour.

As a retreat guest you will also experience the enchanting ‘Secret Garden’ that has been lovingly created deep within the grounds. We also have built a fire pit with a view to die for, that is nestled in the shade with hammocks and seating, perfect for reading or contemplation.




Reviews of Kodama Retreat

“The moment we arrived any skerrick of stress completely went out of body and mind, as the tranquillity of this property settled us right down. Located among the tree tops, there was this inherent feeling you were living right along side nature. The sounds of the birds, the wind in the trees and the wallabies hoping around at dusk gave you this wonderfully grounding feeling that stayed with us all weekend. Chad and Louise are the perfect hosts, ensuring our comfort from the moment we arrived till when we left. The secret garden was a high point of the stay, where by a steep path leads you through bush and scrub to find your way into a lush rainforest style garden, where by you could sit and meditate comfortably in the green grass. Waking up to natures wonder while staying at the tree tops was the most beautiful feeling and practicing yoga in the yoga studio while looking out onto the rolling hills left me smiling from ear to ear. This is a little piece of paradise for sure and I can’t wait to be back again.”
Ingrid Treadaway
(Northern Beaches, Sydney)


Reviews of previous Footsteps retreats:

“Just spent the weekend with Louise on her Footsteps retreat. Such an amazing experience. Have returned feeling challenged yet nourished, relaxed but inspired. Her retreats would suit anyone who wants to change, feeling stuck, needs some nurturing or anyone who needs to get clear about their future. Beautiful peaceful surroundings on the river with no phone reception and incredible tasty and healthy vegan meals. Will definitely be back to do another retreat. Thank you Louise.”
Benjamin Hampstead

“I have just come back from the Pathway to Inspiration Retreat, hosted by Footsteps, created by the ever loving, genuine and talented Louise Walker. What a marvellous, uplifting weekend it was with fearless, open hearted people ready to connect and make waves. I was left after a weekend of various Yoga classes, Coaching Sessions, totally delicious heart made food and a pristine natural environment with a complete connection to what is true for me. Keep listening to your heart and follow this with confidence that you are heading in the right direction. Thank you Louise Walker for a marvellous retreat. Bring on the next one xxx”
Ingrid Louise Treadaway

“The Footsteps Pathway to Inspiration retreat was a great experience. I went with no clear expectations and was really blown away by the whole weekend start to finish. The program was great with yoga, mediation, workshops, great facilitators, free time and gorgeous vegan food all fitted in to compliment and support the natural flow of my energy. The people taking part were amazing and quickly provided a safe, calm, open and intelligent environment to really let myself go. Freely opening up my heart and mind, connecting with myself and those around me. Highly recommended and looking forward to the next one. Thanks very much Louise and the team xx”
Robert Friggeri,

“Louise created an unforgettable experience at her Footsteps ‘Pathway to inspiration’ retreat which I absolutely recommend to anyone wanting to take their first steps to living a more on purpose life. Louise handcrafted an amazing weekend, securing a breathtakingly serene bush retreat, nourishing food, amazing heartfelt speakers and a warm community atmosphere. With some fun along the way! With a focus on yoga, guests are able to embed learnings through movement and every part of the experience was lovingly thought out and detail catered for. Can’t wait for the next one!”
Joanne Tweedie

“This was the first yoga and mediation retreat I had been on, so naturally I was a little daunted at what lay ahead. The Footsteps team made me feel the love from the moment I arrived, and from there it continued. I walked away feeling a very different person to the one who arrived. I met so many beautiful souls and discovered parts of myself I knew were there, but hadn’t quite been able to connect with. The group was extremely diverse in terms of age, background and career, but all perfectly connected through a common thread of respect, courage and self discovery and I felt blessed to shared my experience with such special people. I fully recommend.”
David Allen

“Such an amazing healing space was created at ‘the Awakening into 2017’ retreat at Kodama which I would describe as ‘Healing Hideaway nestled in the trees’. I feel totally different to how I felt when I arrived. I feel like I have been nurtured, supported and guided. Louise thought of everything possible from the food to the enlivening yoga.  Actually there are no words to describe the food it was so good! I am taking away from this weekend the importance of Morning rituals and meditation plus feeling ‘Acceptance of what is’. What I really loved about this weekend retreat at Kodama was Louise’s tranquillity as she led us in the right direction as the weekend progressed. Louise’s guidance is a gift you cannot live without.”
Lark Allen

Kodama is a peaceful, relaxing, beautiful retreat. The accommodation is beautiful and the food gorgeous. I got much more out of the ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat weekend than I expected. My golden nugget was to ‘Be Present’.” What I also took away with me is that there is so much love and support in the world. Also that Learning is FUN, and I can do and achieve ANYTHING I want.” 
Jackie Butler  

Being at Kodama felt like being in your friend’s home – your very special generous friends! The ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat was a very safe place to check in and continue healing. I loved the gorgeous facilitators of the retreat, the amazing location and the stunning food. Also the powerful vibration of the sound healing and the workshop to create vision boards and understand the power of manifestation were my most memorable moments. The most important things I will take away from this retreat experience is the power of open hearts and a trusting safe environment, as well as the importance of morning ritual and infiltrating joy and laughter in my life.“ 
Jules Grant

Kodama is set in idyllic bushland and the retreat I experienced here was spiritually uplifting. The ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat was an amazing experience, in a great location, run by amazing facilitators. I arrived at the retreat feeling emotional and unwell and left feeling calm and relaxed. I am now aware of the importance of holding onto my vision and looking inside myself, as well as the true value of yoga.” 
Jackie Holman

Kodama retreat is a heavenly, tranquil space, tucked away in a patch of paradise, where you are welcomed and nurtured. My double room ‘The View’ was amazing, just what a person needs, and watching the night sky after a day of meditation is amazing with the blinds open. I needed to find myself and this retreat has helped me find the journey and the pathway. After this retreat experience I will change a lot of routines and my train of thought – no more avoidance! I am taking ‘calm’ with me and I feel I know more about me and now have clarity.”

Facilitating a sound healing at Kodama retreat was an absolute joy. The guests walked away from the weekend open hearted and ready to fly. As a workshop participant myself, the learnings I took away from the ‘Awakening into 2017’ retreat was to trust and be confident in my decisions and guidance and also to let go of making things hard.  The retreat was amazing all round, I would highly recommend a visit to Kodama.”
Hayley Milano



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