Nov 2018 retreat

 ‘Living from Love’ Retreat at SkyFarm

Yoga – Meditation – Coaching – Pranayama – Healing – Nature

The ‘Living from Love’ Immersion Experience . . .

Are you ready to step forward, to honour and follow your heart and learn more about how to Live from Love?

Is it time to gently shine a light on what is stopping you from truly Loving Yourself?

This retreat at SkyFarm in Kangaroo Valley from Fri Nov 16 – Sun Nov 18, will gift you life changing lessons on how to authentically Live from Love and free and heal yourself in your day to day life.

You will learn how to show up AS Love . . .
how to move from LOVE . .
how to listen from Love . . . .
how to speak from Love and most importantly . . .
how to continually CHOOSE Love over Fear . . .
again and again . . .
falling madly in Love with yourself in the process.

“The ‘Living from Love’ weekend, literally changed my outlook on Life! The retreat exceeded my expectations in all areas and I have some golden nuggets to take away. . .
After attending the “Living from Love’ retreat, I now know that I am LOVEABLE, that I am not alone in this, everyone struggles with self love. . . I also had a huge breakthrough on ‘Self Love’ in one of the workshops, which has stayed with me.
Be brave and come alone . . as the strangers you meet on retreat are so often the most unexpected delight!”

Sarah Kooyman – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

Is This the Retreat Experience You Have Been Looking For?

. . . Is it time for you to stop playing small– and live more fully with an abundance of love in your life?

. . . Are you yearning for a deeper, more peaceful connection with your Self?

. . . Would you love to foster connections with others more easefully?

. . . Are you seeking the chance to get away from the humdrum of modern life and connect back in deeply with yourself?

. . . Is your body craving rest & great food . . . fresh air and stimulating movement?

. . . Does your soul need soothing . . . and reconnection time with the healing vibration of nature?

. . . Is your mind needing a vacation . . . as well as inspiration on new refreshing ways to look at and experience Life?

. . . Are you keen to soak up grounded, useful, heart opening lessons to help you live a more FULFILLING life?

. . . Are you ready to learn how to Live from LOVE and let go of unconscious FEAR patterns that are keeping you from living to your highest potential?

Retreat Immersion details: 

Friday Nov 16
2pm: Welcome & afternoon snack ‘Accessing the Heart’ Yin yoga & meditation
4.30pm: ‘The Intelligence of the Heart’ workshop
5.30pm Free time
6.30pm: Nutritious vegetarian dinner
7.30pm: Intention Setting ceremony

Saturday Nov 17 Silent bush walk
7.30am: Meditation ‘Living from Love’ Nurturing hatha flow yoga class
9.15am: Nourishing Breakfast Free time
11.30am: ‘A Commitment to Loving Self’ workshop (includes Morning tea)
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm: Free time
4pm: Afternoon tea
5pm: ‘Dissolving fear’ Yin yoga & Meditation
6.30pm: Nutritious vegetarian dinner
7.30pm: Blissful Yoga Nidra with healing sounds and oils

Sunday Nov 18
7am: Silent bush walk
7.30am: Meditation ‘Expansion & Freedom’ Nurturing hatha flow yoga
9.15am: Nourishing Breakfast
10.30am: ‘Your Choice: Love or Fear’ workshop (+ morning tea)
12.00pm: Free time Lunch ‘Awakening to the Sound of Love’ workshop Closing ceremony & Afternoon tea
4pm: Fond farewells


This Fri – Sun weekend immersion will be a lovingly woven heart-felt experience from start to finish, including:



  • You will experience gentle flow and yin yoga classes with stunning views of nature
  • Sessions will be sensory and rejuvenating . . .including gentle assists and aromatherapy, with each class themed to tie perfectly into the ‘Living from Love’ journey experience
  • You will be guided through several meditations during the weekend, woven into the flow of the weekend
  • These sessions will be deep, healing and again all part of the golden thread that is weaved through the whole retreat experience
  • You will be able to let go and MELT into your mat, experiencing deep healing and rest in this yogic sleep experience
  • SOUND:
  • You will be lifted and revitalised during a beautiful musical workshop, designed to open your heart



  • A series of group coaching workshops will gently gift you a profound self enquiry process that is both healing and transformative
  • Ample spacious and supportive reflection time is provided, so you can take time to pause and consider how you’re really feeling in life, and how you desire to feel in the future when Living from Love. You may choose a hammock, daybed, bush walk or nearby beach



  • Guided silent walks to experience the healing and magical sights and sounds of nature on SkyFarm’s 40 acres.
  • ‘Out of this world’ vegetarian food to heal you from the inside- cooked with Love by our Sensational on site chef Anna



What you will receive:

  • A deeper sense of inner peace, and self acceptance . . . So you will leave feeling true Self Love – the most freeing and healing experience to allow you to lead a happier, healthier life post retreat
  • Awareness of your blind spots that have been keeping you stuck and blocking Love from flowing to you . . . After this retreat you will be able to SPOT these and know how to move with LOVE through these situations
  • A more loving relationship with yourself and sense of purpose for why you are really here .  . . So you will return to normal life with a higher vibration and greater confidence
  • Understanding on how to be a loving presence instead of searching for love outside of yourself . . . So you will free yourself from old limiting behaviours of searching externally for love
  • Tools to access self love and live from a state of compassionate self acceptance . . . So that you will be able to truly shine and radiate love, being able to both GIVE and RECEIVE love freely
  • Spiritual practises that you can take away and use to change your life for the long term . . . So you can easefully continue to weave simple learnings from this weekend into your daily life for long lasting change

All inclusive pricing accommodation options

Pricing Includes:
3 days of scheduled activities plus 2 nights luxury accomodation (option for an extra 3rd night free of charge after retreat has finished)
All drinks, 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, 2 x dinner, 2 x morning tea, 3 x afternoon tea.
All classes, workshops and entertainment.
Footsteps retreat workbook


ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING (Just two rooms left) :
Double or Twin room* with en-suite $850/person

Triple room with en-suite $800/person

*Sole occupancy of room possible for additional supplement, please contact me directly to enquire on this option

Drink in the STUNNING space that is SkyFarm (the photos don’t nearly do it justice!)

Retreat activities will finish Sunday late afternoon, however accommodation at SkyFarm is possible for any guests who wish to stay Sunday night and leave Monday morning.

Contact: Louise 0414 465 212 /

TO BOOK: Click the ‘BOOK HERE” Link below and advise which room type you wish to book and full details for payment will be emailed to you.

Booking and Cancellation policy:
Booking of retreat place is secured by full payment. If a guest wishes to cancel, retreat payment will be transferred to a future retreat with Louise Walker.


“The most important things I will take away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat are to open up and live more from LOVE, and to be my own cheerleader. I’m also taking away with me the gem HOW important it is to live from ‘self love’ rather than focusing on ‘being loved’. I loved the variety of the weekend schedule and all of the content and the food was so great.”

Chrissy Davies – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

Is This the Retreat Experience You Have Been Looking For?

Is it time for you to stop playing small– and live more fully with an abundance of love in your life?

Are you yearning for a deeper, more peaceful connection with your Self?

Would you love to foster connections with others more easefully?

Are you ready to gently shine a light on what is stopping you from ‘Living from Love’?



“The ‘Living from Love’ retreat was a truly special and life changing experience. I learnt that I can BE Love and BE LOVED, and how living from Love will attract a life of Love. I understand that I deserve Love just the way I am.
I also believe now that I am on the right path, and my journey continues now stronger than before. The weekend was a constant stream of memorable moments, and I especially loved the sound healing and the closing ceremony.”

Britta Hansen – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat



“I needed to know how to connect with my heart and Love myself, and I have been given the tools to do that this weekend.  The ‘Living from Love’ retreat was a weekend full of love and guidance. I really loved Louise’s giving and intuitive guidance during the workshops – I’ll l take away how to Love myself and view myself as others do.”

Rachelle Trotman – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat


“What I learnt over the weekend is that “I am Love(d)” that Like minded people CAN move mountains and also that taking time out is an important part of the healing and ascension process. My aim for coming on this retreat was to 1) gain recuperation and 2) to feel relaxation and 3) to feel clarity and hope moving forward on my path. Tick Tick Tick! All achieved!”

Michelle Pietroboni – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

Your Retreat Includes:

  • Stunning location, accommodation and breathtaking views
  • Luxurious retreat accommodation set in paradise. Wake to sounds of nature from a quality, comfy bed with soft cotton sheets
  • Small, intimate group to provide you with individual attention and hold you through your transformational process.
  • Yoga classes (Slow flow and Yin) x 4
  • Musical based workshop to allow you to reconnect with the Love of music
  • Guided meditations where you are held by the magical energy of beautiful SkyFarm
  • Evening ceremony to release and get clear on your intentions for our time together
  • Transformational group coaching work to assist you in having breakthroughs and support you with clarity around how you change your thinking and FREE yourself from past limiting beliefs and programs
  • Time and space to ground, breathe and simply BE in nature
  • Delicious, fresh, vegetarian food to nourish you from the inside. In house chef Anna on hand for the weekend to prepare and serve us delectable food



“I felt so connected to Life, People and The Universe after the “Living from Love” retreat. I am now clear on how important it is to do ‘self work’. I’ve realised that being open in my heart not thinking in my head will create ultimate happiness. I also now know that there is more Love in myself and others, when nurtured in the right environment.
Overall the weekend was a great investment in ME, and you can’t put a price on that!”

Ruth McDonald  Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“I took away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat, some incredible but also practical and simple tools, to apply to my life, as well as knowledge about how to open my heart and live from Love.
Louise’s amazing energy and knowledge guided us through the weekend’s workshops and classes. I particularly loved the fire pit ceremony as it was a perfect night and a great way to start the release and connect the group. All the food over the weekend was delicious and clearly made with love by our expert Chef Tristan. The team left no stone unturned, and thought of everything.”

Louise Denton – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“One of the most important things I will take away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat is falling madly in love with myself. I loved the yoga and meditation classes and the sound healing session. I really enjoyed all the coaching workshops which contained excellent content delivered perfectly. The retreat format allowed for open sharing, humility, love and new friendships.”

Daniella Mancuso – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat


Your Retreat facilitator

About Louise Walker – Footsteps Yoga and Meditation teacher, Transformational Meta NLP coach, Reiki healer, Event dream weaver


I am passionate about creating unforgettable retreat experiences that will touch you deeply, hold you and heal you and transform your life – if you are ready to let them.

I’ve been lucky to have had so many fantastic teachers on my journey, really seeing the phrase come to life: ‘When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear’. Perhaps this is you right now? I’ve been so inspired by so many of my teachers Mark Breadner (Yoga Coach), Jasmine Natasha Tarkeshi (Laughing Lotus Yoga, San Francisco), Esther-Maria Linder (Kindled Spirit), Joseph Scott and Jay Hedley (The Coaching Room) plus many more, and I know humbly that I will always be the student, as long as I am a teacher of others.

I am committed to creating a safe, healing, fun and empowering space within my coaching sessions and during my yoga and meditation classes. The work we do together  will encourage you to relax, learn, heal and grow spiritually. I am trained as a Meta NLP transformational coach and I teach a nurturing style of hatha vinyasa yoga, an enlivening chakra flow as well as gentle yin yoga.  I use plenty of hands on assists, beautiful music, scents and profound texts to create a memorable sensory experience for you. I also LOVE 
to weave my reiki and meta NLP coaching skills into my yoga classes – I have been told by some my classes are “better than therapy”.

My background is that I used to work full time in the Events and Marketing world employed by
 companies such as Google, before hearing my calling to step out of the 9 to 5. I felt a deep inner yearning to create more meaning in my life, and to devote my life to work with people like yourself, to help you find and connect to, your higher purpose. Equipped from my corporate years with marketing and event skills, and having spent years dreaming up experiential campaigns for big brands around the world, I realised I could transfer these skills easefully and joyfully into my spiritual work
and weave this magic into creating memorable retreat experiences that would change lives – now THIS gets me really excited!

I can’t wait to meet you, welcome you, get to know you, sink onto the mat with you, serve you, look after you, connect with you, grow with you and learn with you on this retreat journey. I firmly believe we are all always learning and every person who crosses your path can teach you something.


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