November 2017 retreat

 ‘Inner peace, Outer Calm’ Boutique Retreat

Held at Kodama Retreat House

Holgate, Central Coast
Fri Nov 17-19th 2017

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world, until we make peace with ourselves”  Dalai Lama.



This retreat was inspired by a deep knowing that THIS: ‘Inner peace, Outer calm’ is, quite simply, what so many of us are searching for (consciously or unconsciously) in the midst of our busy modern lives.

We have created a healing sanctuary at Kodama up on the Central Coast, which you will feel the minute you enter through the gates. THIS is the place for you if your soul is searching for peace.



“My weekend retreat at Kodama Retreat for ‘Living from Love’ was a restorative and nurturing experience. I received warmth, professionalism, love and compassion over the weekend from the facilitators and other guests. Kodama is a haven for healing, enlightenment, wellbeing, love, warmth and safety…READ MORE

Is This the Retreat Experience You Have Been Looking For?

This three day retreat (Fri morning to Sun evening) is designed to allow you to completely unplug from the outside world and enter a space of healing.

During your time at magical Kodama on this retreat, you will be gently invited. . .

. . . to immerse yourself deeply into the potent simplicity of nature

. . . to breathe . . .to BE . . .

. . . to delve deeply into un-discovered parts of yourself

. . . to find your answers in Silence and Stillness

. . . to connect with yourself in ways you possibly haven’t ever before . . .

. . . to release past hurts and current aversions that you are holding onto

. . . to dissolve what is blocking you from your inner peace

. . . to have the space and tools to finally make peace with yourself




“Kodama retreat is a peaceful, tranquil, magical place to relax, learn, discover and heal. I stayed in ‘The Hideaway’ which was a luxury studio that was beautifully set up with an amazing bathroom….READ MORE

Retreat highlights

Unique retreat journey over 3 days (Friday morning to Sunday evening), carefully and lovingly created to take you on a unique journey from start to finish
· Stunning location at Kodama with breathtaking views – conveniently only 1.5 hours from Sydney
· Luxurious retreat accommodation set in paradise
· Small, intimate group to provide you with individual attention
· Yoga classes (Slow hatha vinyasa flow and Yin) held in a beautiful yoga room set deep in nature
· Sound healing sessions with Magical Crystal Bowls, performed by Michelle
· Blissful yoga nidra with Live Native American flute played by Leandro
· Guided meditations held within the grounds of beautiful Kodama
· Evening Fire pit ceremony
· Transformational group coaching work to assist you in having breakthroughs and gifting you with new ways of seeing things
· Time and space to ground, breathe and simply BE in nature
· Delicious, fresh, vegetarian food to nourish you from the inside, cooked by our personal chef Tristan who is simply AMAZING


What we will explore together
– How your internal world is a direct reflection of your external world
– Ways to shape your inner landscape to create a calmer outer reality
– The sacred act of forgiveness
– The magical state of acceptance
– The art of silence
– How to access stillness through movement
– The magical state of acceptance
– The art of stillness and silence


“Thanks Louise the weekend with you at Kodama, literally changed my outlook on Life! The retreat exceeded my expectations in all areas and I have some golden nuggets to take away. . .every person should experience a retreat at Kodama….READ MORE

What you will come away with?
– Daily self-practises to continue with what you’ve learnt, to allow for more inner peace and outer calm in your life
– Tools for self empowerment to help you live your life differently
– Revealing insights as to how you are currently creating your reality and how you can choose differently
– A deeper connection with yourself and with nature

All inclusive pricing accommodation options


The View Room



“Pretty Brick” Room



“Cosy Chic” Room

Bathroom In Main House



The Hideaway



The Hideaway – Queen Room



The Hideaway Bathroom


Pricing Includes:
3 days of scheduled activities plus 2 nights luxury accomodation
All drinks, 2 x breakfast, 3 x lunch, 2 x dinner, 2 x morning tea, 3 x afternoon tea.
All classes, workshops and entertainment.
Footsteps retreat workbook


*NB: price includes sole occupancy of Queen bed however 2 bunk beds in room will still be utilised.
Booking and Cancellation policy:
Booking of retreat place is secured by initial deposit of $250(AU)/person. Remainder to be settled in full by Oct 20th 2017. No refunds will be provided. If guest wishes to cancel, retreat payment will be transferred to a future retreat at Kodama. No refunds will be provided.

Your Retreat facilitators Bios

About Louise Walker – Footsteps Yoga and Meditation teacher, Intuitive coach, Reiki healer, Event dream weaver


I am passionate about creating unforgettable retreat experiences that will touch you deeply, hold you and heal you and transform your life – if you are ready to let them.

I’ve been lucky to have had so many fantastic teachers on my journey, really seeing the phrase come to life: ‘When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear’. Perhaps this is you right now? I’ve been so inspired by so many of my teachers Mark Breadner (Yoga Coach), Jasmine Natasha Tarkeshi (Laughing Lotus Yoga, San Francisco), Esther-Maria Linder (Kindled Spirit), Joseph Scott and Jay Hedley (The Coaching Room) plus many more, and I know humbly that I will always be the student, as long as I am a teacher of others.

I am committed to creating a safe, healing, fun and empowering space within my coaching sessions and during my yoga and meditation classes. The work we do together  will encourage you to relax, learn, heal and grow spiritually. I am trained as a Meta NLP transformational coach and I teach a nurturing style of hatha vinyasa yoga, an enlivening chakra flow as well as gentle yin yoga.  I use plenty of hands on assists, beautiful music, scents and profound texts to create a memorable sensory experience for you. I also LOVE 
to weave my reiki and meta NLP coaching skills into my yoga classes – I have been told by some my classes are “better than therapy”.

My background is that I used to work full time in the Events and Marketing world employed by
 companies such as Google, before hearing my calling to step out of the 9 to 5. I felt a deep inner yearning to create more meaning in my life, and to devote my life to work with people like yourself, to help you find and connect to, your higher purpose. Equipped from my corporate years with marketing and event skills, and having spent years dreaming up experiential campaigns for big brands around the world, I realised I could transfer these skills easefully and joyfully into my spiritual work
and weave this magic into creating memorable retreat experiences that would change lives – now THIS gets me really excited!

I can’t wait to meet you, welcome you, get to know you, sink onto the mat with you, serve you, look after you, connect with you, grow with you and learn with you on this retreat journey. I firmly believe we are all always learning and every person who crosses your path can teach you something.


About Michelle Waters:

Michelle is an experienced yoga teacher and she also plays her Crystal bowls, which offer profound internal shifts as they heal mind, body and soul as a result of their magical sounds and vibrations.


They offer a way for people to Nourish, Relax and Release and to bathe themselves in the healing sounds of the crystal bowl vibrations. The Sound Bath session you will experience on the retreat will provide healing, balance, and restoration.


If you’re wanting to feel a greater emotional balance, more of a sense of ease in your body, a deepening clarity of mind, and an empowering connection to your true purpose – then you need to experience a Sound Bath with Michelle and her Crystal Bowls.




About Leandro:


Leandro was born in Colombia and spent many years travelling around South America.

During his journeys, he lived in various communities and had theopportunity to learn ancient knowledge from Papachos (elders) and shamans. This inspired him to connect with his inner self and found music as a powerful tool for healing, particularly ancient instruments.

He has since been running sound healings playing Mayan temple flutes, pan flutes, charango (Andean string guitar), kalimba, hang drum and more. During the sound healings Leandro takes the listener on a journey, drawing on the healing frequencies and vibrations inherent in the instruments. Leandro also accompanies guided meditations, runs cacao ceremonies and teaches yoga.



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