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Do you find it difficult to relax and switch off your brain? Would you like to reduce stress and anxiety in your life?Are your focus, concentration and memory less than ideal? Do you suffer from restless sleep? Does your mind sometimes feel ‘foggy’?

Perhaps then it is time for you to explore the art of Meditation –  a life skill which once learnt is a powerful tool to change your internal and external world.

Understanding what Meditation is…

  • Meditation’s intention is to go beyond the thinking, reactive mind
  • When you mediate, you enter into the most nurturing state that a human being can experience
  • It involves training the mind to maintain a point of focus for a given time
  • This creates a state of deep peace, as a result of the mind being calm and silent
  • There are many ways to meditate, you can meditate sitting, lying, eyes closed, eyes open… to music, or even moving!

“I had the privilege of being under the tutelage of Louise Walker on my yoga and meditation journey. She utilizes her beautiful teaching methods to clearly explain, demonstrate and guide you on a path of internal reflection”…READ MORE

Considering why meditation is so important…

  • Meditation is like resting. When you work hard physically, your body needs to take a break.
  • The mind behaves the same way. During the day your mind is receiving different kinds of information, like smells, sounds, feelings, and it too needs to get some rest.
  • Sleep can rest your mind, but sometimes we are so stressed that our mind cannot completely rest even when sleeping. That is when meditation can help us as it allows your mind to rest and replenish
  • Did you know – 20 minutes of meditation is said to be equivalent to 4 hours of sleep?

“I first came through the door feeling down on myself, negative about many things and five weeks after completing the Footsteps meditation course, I’m definitely a happier soul and much more content.”…READ MORE

Looking at how meditation will enrich your life…

Learning to meditate allowed me to become a much happier person with greater clarity and purpose, able to deal with stressful situations and remain calm and composed when faced with challenges.

When you start to meditate you too will experience positive changes in your life, these may include:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Peace of mind (ie quietening the monkey mind)
  • More focus and clarity of thinking
  • Better & deeper sleep,
  • Improvements in your relationships (both in and out of work)
  • Greater self awareness
  • Reduction in anger, anxiety and tension
  • Increase in ability to solve problems creatively

Understanding what happens on Footsteps meditation course…

Beginner’s and Advanced meditation courses are run throughout the year from Kodama in Holgate on Central Coast.

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