June 2017 retreat

 ‘Living from Love’ Boutique Retreat

Held at Kodama Retreat House

Holgate, Central Coast
Fri June 30th to Sun July 2nd 2017

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” Rumi.


About ‘Living from Love

Our ‘Living from Love’ winter retreat will gift you a cosy, nourishing, gently challenging, uplifting and revealing weekend.

Are you ready to step forward, to honour and follow your heart and learn more about how to Live from Love? If so please join us for this beautifully intimate retreat at the magical Kodama Retreat House.

This Fri – Sun weekend immersion will be a lovingly woven heart-felt experience of movement, stillness, sound, creativity, reflection time, nature immersion and ‘out of this world’ vegetarian food to love you from the inside.

The magical retreat house ‘Kodama’ (meaning Spirit of the Trees) will be your home for the weekend . . . . located just 1.5 hours from Sydney, perched high within Heavenly Holgate on the Central Coast, NSW, 2250. Read More About The Venue HERE




“Kodama retreat is a heavenly, tranquil space, tucked away in a patch of paradise…READ MORE

Is This the Retreat Experience You Have Been Looking For?

Is it time for you to stop playing small– and live more fully with an abundance of love in your life?

Are you yearning for a deeper, more peaceful connection with your Self?

Would you love to foster connections with others more easefully?

Are you ready to gently shine a light on what is stopping you from ‘Living from Love’?




“Such an amazing healing space was created at ‘the Awakening into 2017’ retreat at Kodama…..READ MORE

What you will come away with:

  • A deeper sense of inner peace, and self acceptance
  • Awareness of your blind spots that have been keeping you stuck and
    blocking Love from flowing to you
  • A more loving relationship with yourself and sense of purpose for why you are really here
  • Understanding on how to be a loving presence instead of searching for love outside of yourself
  • Tools to access self love and live from a state of compassionate self acceptance
  • Spiritual practises that you can take away and use to change your life for the long term



“Being at Kodama felt like being in your friend’s home – your very special generous friends . . .READ MORE



Retreat Highlights:

  • Stunning location, accommodation and breathtaking views – conveniently only 1.5 hours from Sydney
  • Luxurious retreat accommodation set in paradise
  • Small, intimate group to provide you with individual attention
  • Yoga classes (Slow flow and Yin) held in a beautiful yoga room set deep in nature
  • Sound healing session
  • Blissful yoga nidra
  • Guided meditations held within the grounds of beautiful Kodama
  • Evening Fire pit ceremony
  • Transformational group work to assist you in having breakthroughs and support you with clarity on your goals and intentions for year ahead
  • Time and space to ground, breathe and simply BE in nature
  • Delicious, fresh, vegetarian food to nourish you from the inside



“Kodama is a peaceful, relaxing, beautiful retreat. The accommodation is beautiful and the food gorgeous…..READ MORE




Your Retreat facilitators

About Louise Walker – Footsteps Yoga and Meditation teacher, Intuitive coach, Reiki healer, Event dream weaver


I am passionate about creating unforgettable retreat experiences that will touch you deeply, hold you and heal you and transform your life – if you are ready to let them.

I’ve been lucky to have had so many fantastic teachers on my journey, really seeing the phrase come to life: ‘When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear’. Perhaps this is you right now? I’ve been so inspired by so many of my teachers Mark Breadner (Yoga Coach), Jasmine Natasha Tarkeshi (Laughing Lotus Yoga, San Francisco), Esther-Maria Linder (Kindled Spirit), Joseph Scott and Jay Hedley (The Coaching Room) plus many more, and I know humbly that I will always be the student, as long as I am a teacher of others.

I am committed to creating a safe, healing, fun and empowering space within my coaching sessions and during my yoga and meditation classes. The work we do together  will encourage you to relax, learn, heal and grow spiritually. I am trained as a Meta NLP transformational coach and I teach a nurturing style of hatha vinyasa yoga, an enlivening chakra flow as well as gentle yin yoga.  I use plenty of hands on assists, beautiful music, scents and profound texts to create a memorable sensory experience for you. I also LOVE 
to weave my reiki and meta NLP coaching skills into my yoga classes – I have been told by some my classes are “better than therapy”.

My background is that I used to work full time in the Events and Marketing world employed by
 companies such as Google, before hearing my calling to step out of the 9 to 5. I felt a deep inner yearning to create more meaning in my life, and to devote my life to work with people like yourself, to help you find and connect to, your higher purpose. Equipped from my corporate years with marketing and event skills, and having spent years dreaming up experiential campaigns for big brands around the world, I realised I could transfer these skills easefully and joyfully into my spiritual work
and weave this magic into creating memorable retreat experiences that would change lives – now THIS gets me really excited!

I can’t wait to meet you, welcome you, get to know you, sink onto the mat with you, serve you, look after you, connect with you, grow with you and learn with you on this retreat journey. I firmly believe we are all always learning and every person who crosses your path can teach you something.


About Hayley Milano – CEO of Singing Sydney, Sound Healer, Voice and Speaking coach

Hayley Milano, CEO of Singing Sydney, Sound Healer, Voice and Speaking coach Hayley has a deep passion for Music/Sound/Percussion/Healing and Rhythm and is a strong believer that music connects people to their hearts. Her teaching
philosophy espouses that music is the ultimate form of self-expression, and this is observed in all that she does.

Hayley shares “Sound healing came into my heart via a calling from the divine… When asking The Universe what is my next calling – Singing Bowls and Sound Healing appeared in my consciousness. I have dedicated time choosing the perfect two singing bowls that support my heart and will support and open the hearts of those I work with. One bowl is a C# and is for the base Chakra – this bowl is for grounding and connection to our Mother Earth. The second bowl is as F# which is for the heart! This bowl resonates so strongly with my own voice, so when I play her song it will heal and send a vibration through your body which is indescribable.

I look forward to connecting with and nurturing you all creating a healing journey of sound at the retreat at Kodama using my singing bowls along with my own voice.”

“My most memorable moment on the Awakening into 2017 retreat was the singing and sound healing with Hayley because it was so enlightening and powerful. It continued to resonate with me after it had ended.” Jackie Holman



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