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Are you ready to embrace change and discover the wonder and magic of taking charge of your life? Do you want to unleash your potential and discover what you are truly capable of? Are you excited about what is possible for you? If so I want to hear from you.

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”The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself as a result of the Footsteps coaching program is my mindset in general. I am calmer, softer and more at ease. I’m enjoying life and not taking it so seriously”…… READ MORE

An insight into coaching with me…


Working with me as your Intuitive Transformation Meta NLP Coach, you will be empowered to transform your life.
Together we will lovingly identify what is holding you back from living to your fullest potential right now.
Coaching with me will facilitate you to access courage you didn’t know you had and tap into your innate inner wisdom.
Coaching is the art of facilitation,which takes place through a ruthlessly compassionate coaching conversation which we will share together.

Footsteps Advanced Meditation & Coaching Courses

”She is an incredibly intuitive, warm, perceptive, wise beyond her years coach and she gave me the strength to make the decisions in my life that I needed to make”…… READ MORE

Understanding what Meta NLP Coaching is…

Meta-Coaching is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based coaching system, that allows you to redefine your thought processes, to achieve outstanding results.

  •    It involves working with the Neuro Linguistic Programming Model (NLP) to understand how we run our brains
  •    Working with me as your Meta coach will highlight your blind spots and self sabotage patterns, allowing you to identify what’s holding you back and unnecessarily consuming your precious time, energy and focus.
  •    Once you have awareness of these, Meta-coaching allows you to substitute your old thought and behavioural processes with more empowering choices for yourself.

”Louise is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenged me to realise my full potential in all areas of life”…… READ MORE

What will I experience during a coaching program?

  • You will be coached to fully recognise your potential, and the factors that may be inhibiting this.
  • You will learn specialised tools and techniques and also be gifted with insights about yourself and your ways of being and thinking that is creating your current reality.
  • ‘Seeing’ these and becoming objective to these rather than subjective to them will change your life – if you are ready.
  • Coaching identifies and mobilizes your inner and outer resources to develop your potential for achieving your dreams
  • A Footsteps coaching program will awaken, challenge and stretch you to unleash your absolute potential.


Footsteps coaching helps to transform your life beliefs

”After completing a Footsteps coaching program, the biggest change I noticed in myself was to finally understand that it is possible for me to be happy by myself and in my own company”…… READ MORE

Getting results from coaching with me ..

As part of your coaching program, we set and agree on specific outcomes to work on. We will regularly check in on your progress on these throughout the course of your program. The set outcomes are completely personal and unique to you and may focus around:

  •    Managing stress and overwhelm
  •    Transforming relationships – with yourself and others
  •    Empowering yourself with positive beliefs, overcoming self doubt and limitations
  •    Improving self confidence
  •    Personal fulfilment
  •    Career progression
  •    Time management
  •    Negative self chatter.

”Louise is truly gifted as a personal development coach and can think of no better person to connect with if you are looking to start a journey of self discovery, self improvement and awakening to your higher purpose”…… READ MORE

Next steps?

Footsteps forward into growth

As part of my commitment to my amazing clients, I offer a Complimentary Introduction Session, please contact me HERE and tell me in Comments section WHY you are ready to bring change into your life NOW. I look forward to connecting with you for this no-obligation session.


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