Chakra Yoga

Experience a Yoga Journey through your Seven Chakras

“I loved everything about the Footsteps chakra yoga course . . . especially the journey that I went on over the seven weeks – each week so different to the one before. I really enjoyed”…READ MORE

This is a unique and inspiring Footsteps yoga course – in which each week we will explore and work with each of your body’s seven chakras. This yoga course is perfect for those who want to learn more about themselves, their seven powerful energy centres and to connect with the areas within themselves that are in need of healing and re-balance.

I encourage you to read some of the testimonials woven into this page to get a sense of how this yoga chakra journey may impact you. NB: when you click through on the READ MORE in the testimonials, please then scroll down a little to reach the YOGA CHAKRA section. 

You may or may not know that you have seven main energy centres in your body called chakras. Think of these as energy centres in your body, soul, and mind.

Chakras function as transformers, taking the energy from the environment and your own thoughts and emotions, and then move it into and around your body.

Each week the yoga class sequence will focus on a different chakra.  Over the 7 weeks we will journey from your root chakra, all the way up to your crown chakra.

We will be feeling into each of our seven chakras and releasing stuck prana (energy) that may be holding us back in life. You will learn specific yoga postures that can release stale or stuck prana from these different energy centres within the body, as well as allowing you to invite fresh, vital energy back in through specific poses and breath techniques.

Each week the two hour workshop will include:

  • Exploration into the location, purpose, meaning of each energy centre
  • How this chakra can help or hinder your current life situation and well being
  • You will learn yoga poses and experience a nurturing yoga sequence flow to work with this energy centre
  • We will be feeling into your energetic world and tap into the power of your energy centres
  • You will also experience ancient and beautiful mudras, mantras, pranayama and meditation techniques, specific to each chakra
  • Aromatherapy oils will be selected for each chakra session to deepen and enhance your experience each session
  • Each week you will be given home play and we will stay in contact over the 7 weeks via an online group


“The Footsteps yoga chakra course gave me more than I could have hoped for. It’s helped me on my personal journey by opening me up spiritually. It has been a life changer for me and gave me a glimpse into this beautiful”…READ MORE

You will finish this course with:

  •       A deeper understanding of yourself and your body
  •       Awareness and understanding of the seven chakras and their function
  •       Knowledge on which yoga postures and lifestyle practises correspond to each chakra (homeplay will be set each week to help you embody this)
  •       The profound experience of meditating on each of your energy centres
  •       Notes on each of the chakras and highlights from each of the classes so you can practise at home as and when needed.

“I loved the way the Footsteps yoga chakra course made me feel after each class. I always left feeling calm, at peace and grounded. It was so helpful in allowing me to learn about myself and how”…READ MORE

Who is this course suitable for:

       All levels of experience are welcome on this course. The yoga flow will be slow and nurturing with plenty of individual instruction and assists (both physical and verbal)

Teaching style:

       At Footsteps you will find my style is compassionately gentle, slow and full of pointed instruction to guide you safely through every posture. I use incense, scented oils and candles so that when you arrive at the Footsteps space for class you will feel an instant change in your energy and spirits as you settle down onto your mat.

       During the sessions, you will experience my gentle touch, massages with scented oils and balms, yoga philosophy, inspiring quotations and beautiful intentions, so you leave each class feeling as if you have just shared something very special and intimate.

Week by week class overview:

       Classes are kept small and intimate, which means you’re guaranteed individual personal attention to hold you in you journey.

Session one – 1ST Base chakra

Tapping into your tribal power of survival and connection to the Earth

Location – bottom of the spine

Chakra related to survival, trust, grounding, belonging,

Colour – RED

Session two – 2nd Sacral chakra

Exploring the power of relationships in your life

Location – lower abdomen, underneath your belly button

Chakra related to sexuality, creativity, relationships

Colour – ORANGE

Session three – 3rd Solar Plexus chakra

Delving into your inner personal power

Location – over your belly button

Chakra related to power, identity, respect, prosperity

Colour – YELLOW

Session four – 4th Heart chakra

Feeling into your emotional power

Location heart centre

Chakra related to unconditional love, compassion, empathy, courage, bonding

Colour – Emerald Green

Session five – 5th Throat chakra

Connecting with your power of will

Location – throat

Chakra related to communication, integrity, creativity, ability to speak your truth

Colour – blue

Session six – 6th Third Eye chakra

Unlocking the power of your mind

Chakra related to intuition, wisdom, memory

Colour – purple

Session seven – 7th Crown chakra

Tuning into your Spiritual connector

Chakra related to connection with the divine, will, thought free knowing.

Colour – white or amethyst.

“I would describe the course as seven weeks of bliss held in a relaxing environment and space, with a great group and a lovely teacher. It was so much more than I expected . . . a great combination of yoga, meditation and spiritual learnings. I particularly loved”…READ MORE


Details:              Seven workshops sessions, each for 2 hours: 6.15 – 8.15pm

Location:          Kodama Retreat Home, Holgate, Central Coast

Dates:                Next course to be run across 7 consecutive Weeks starting approx Aug 2018. Dates to be released soon.

Commitment: Attendance of the first 3 sessions & chakras is essential for this course. If any sessions from 4-7 absolutely need to be missed, they can be completed in 2018 when the course is run again and you will still receive notes and weekly tasks for  the class you missed. *If any of the dates of these 7 sessions need to amended from this published schedule, advance prior notice will be given and the session will be re-scheduled at an agreed time to suit everyone. 

Cost:                  $280 per person for the 7 weeks of workshops

To Book:           Deposit of $100 is required to save your place. Please email